Get a CV that gets you more calls from recruiters and HR managers written by a top CV writer in Auckland, New Zealand.

Professional CV writer in Auckland, New Zealand

Max Bronson, our Certified Professional Resume and CV Writer (CPRW), Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC) and Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP) can completely rewrite your CV so it shows your strengths and accomplishments and attracts recruiters’ and hiring managers’ attention.

Individual CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Writing Package

Our personalised CV, cover letter and LinkedIn writing Package is ideal for those who want the strongest CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile.

One-on-one and group CV and cover letter writing workshops

We offer personalised one-on-one and group workshops for CV and cover letter writing. Don’t be underprepared like most job seekers.

Psychometric Testing

Know your professional communication and behavioural strengths, weaknesses and motivations, as well as how to build rapport and avoid conflict.

We also offer psychometric tests for sales and leadership.

Phone Consultation

We can come up with some potential solutions for your career advancement or career transition needs.

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Read how Chris used Crown Kaizen’s services to get 3 jobs in 2 countries in 4 years

“It’s more than paid for itself in increased salaries and less time spent unemployed.”

“I have used Crown Kaizen’s services three times over the past four years and there is a good reason I keep coming back. I initially went to Crown Kaizen on the recommendation of a friend who successfully secured a great job after struggling for a while and he described it as a game-changer.

I was moving from New Zealand back to the UK and needed to be really strong on paper to not be overlooked for being half a world away. They helped me with my cover letter and CV and I was shocked that despite all the CV and cover letter research I had done and all the family and friends that checked them, just how much room for improvement there was. Within 7 days of applying for a variety of job roles in my industry, I had 5 Skype interviews lined up. Within 4 weeks I had 2 job offers and accepted one of them. Ultimately the finished products delivered immediate results for me in the UK and I was earning a far higher salary than I had expected to be earning at that stage of my career.
In early 2020, I contacted Crown Kaizen again to help me update my CV and cover letter; I was looking for work as an Operations Manager in Sydney, Australia and very quickly found a great role.

In early 2021, I was moving back to the UK from Australia. I was wanting a change and decided to switch industries. This was a huge challenge as the UK was in the middle of its COVID-19 pandemic and there was growing unemployment and a shrinking economy. I had also only ever worked in one industry.

They updated my CV, guided me towards some courses that would strengthen my opportunities and sent me his interview training manual. Amazingly and with the odds heavily stacked against me, I successfully found an Operations Manager role in a completely new industry in only three weeks of arriving back in the UK and at the highest salary I have earned to date.

I would highly recommend using Crown Kaizen’s CV writing and career coaching services. It’s highly personalised, affordable and the results speak for themselves. For me, it’s more than paid for itself in increased salaries and less time spent unemployed.”

Chris L • Operations Manager • Bristol, UK

Individual CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Writing Package

Look at what you get:

  • You get that most important 1.5-hour to 2-hour face-to-face meeting or phone conference (your choice) during the process. If we need more than one of these to complete the job, that’s fine. I don’t charge more for a second meeting or conference call.

  • You get a report more than 30 pages long with your professional communicative and behavioural strengths to keep. This report is invaluable for helping us write your CV in YOUR voice and to be able to accurately and objectively show your communicative and behavioural strengths in your CV and LinkedIn profile. It is also an excellent resource to help you prepare for job interviews.

  • You get a personalised and premium service where you get to talk to me throughout the entire process. Low budget CV services will have you filling in dozens of pages of forms with little to no contact with the CV writer.

  • You get a CV written targeting the industry and kind of roles you want.

  • You get a CV that is keyword optimised so that it can get through ATS (applicant tracking system) software. This is vital these days as more and more companies and recruitment agencies use this software to cope with the huge amount of CVs they receive daily.

  • You get 6 months of updates to your CV.

  • You get a cover letter that is targeted to a specific role you want to apply for and then taught how to write your own powerful cover letters for other roles.

  • You get a LinkedIn profile that is keyword optimised. You also get a guide showing you how to maximise your LinkedIn profile’s potential.

Stop wasting your money and act now.

Let’s say that you are currently earning $60,000 (NZD) per year. That is $5000 (NZD) per month you are receiving. If your goal is to be earning $80,000 (NZD), which is $6667 (NZD) per month, that means that for every month you don’t earn your target salary, you’re costing yourself $1667 (NZD) per month!

Or perhaps you have an IT degree but you’re stuck in a cafe or restaurant serving tables, or in a supermarket stacking shelves or delivering pizza. Your newly acquired knowledge and skills are going to waste, and you are completely unfulfilled. You know you are capable of more but feel you are letting yourself down.

Several years ago, my client, Hazel, was in an accounting role in an unhappy work environment. It consisted of long hours and a salary she wasn’t satisfied with. She wanted more in her career and salary, so she came to Crown Kaizen to use our CV writing and job interview services. Since then she has gone on to four more roles in that time, allowing her to more than double her salary, gain New Zealand permanent residency and buy a house. She is now in a role that values her and makes her feel content and is provided with continuous career development and progression.

Let me prove to you that purchasing my CV writing package is an investment and NOT a cost.

Your CV opens up more opportunities into higher-paying roles than any other document. You need to think of your CV as a self-marketing document that can help you potentially earn hundreds of thousands of extra dollars over your career.

Looking at the table below, you’ll be able to do the maths to see what delaying in investing in a professionally written CV can cost you.

Even if your job search is only shortened by a few days, you’ve already got your money back. I’m confident that my CV writing services cut your job search time by much more than just a few days; it can even save you weeks or months of wasted time and lost earnings in some cases.

Annual Salary $ (NZD) Monthly Salary $ (NZD) Daily Salary $ (NZD)
Based on a 5-day work week
Shortening Your Job Search by the Following Number of Days to Get Your Investment Back with a $550 (NZD) CV package* Shortening Your Job Search by the Following Number of Days to Get Your Investment Back with a $700 (NZD) CV package*
50,000 4,167 200 2.8 3.5
70,000 5,833 280 2 2.5
90,000 7,500 360 1.5 1.9
110,000 9,167 440 1.3 1.6
130,000 10,833 520 1 1.3
150,000 12,500 600 0.9 1.2
200,000 16,667 800 0.7 0.9

*Example A
Let’s say that you’re currently not working and are looking for a role providing a $50,000 (NZD) salary and you pay $750 (NZD) for a CV package. Even if I only help you shorten the time it takes for you to find a $50,000 (NZD) role by 4 days, then you have already got your money back.

If my services help you shorten your job search by one month, then you have actually made a return on your investment of $3417.00 (NZD).

If your job search time is shortened by three months, then your return on investment is now $11,751.00 (NZD).

*Example B
If you are looking for an $80,000 (NZD) role, and with my CV package, you shorten your job search time by only two and a half days, then you have already got your money back.

If your job search time is only shortened by one month, you have made a return on your investment of $5917.00 (NZD). If your job search time is shortened by three months, then your return on investment is now $19,251.00 (NZD).

Now, does investing in professional CV and cover letter writing services make sense as an investment?

CV packages start from $550 (NZD).

NOTE: There is no fixed price for CV packages. Each package and price is personalised depending on the number of years of work experience, the number of roles you’ve had, the industry you’re in and the amount of work that needs to be done.

Beware of the sneaky tricks and shortcuts our competitors use to keep their CV prices down

  • They often outsource the writing of your CV and cover letters to inexperienced and non-certified CV writers.

  • They get you to do all the hard work by having you fill in pages of questionnaires – lots and lots and lots of pages – sometimes up to 30 pages! They then choose a small percentage of that content to use in your CV. It’s a waste of your time.

  • Once you’ve agreed to purchase their service, you normally don’t get to speak with or meet with them again. How well can they really get to know you if they aren’t willing to meet you during the CV writing process?

We refuse to use the above tricks and shortcuts.

Your CV will be written by a Certified Professional Resume / CV Writer (CPRW) who is a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARWCC).

You will get to meet with your CV writer face-to-face if you’re in Auckland or on the phone, Zoom or Skype during the process. This meeting is very important and is what makes a huge difference from just filling in questionnaires. Nothing gets left out when you meet with your CV writer and everything they ask is to make things as complete and clear as possible in your CV.

The Process for a CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Writing Package

Have you decided?

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Group Workshops For Successful CV And Cover Letter Writing

Our CV and cover letter career coaching and workshops are designed to teach you in detail how to construct your best CVs and cover letters. We’ll go through every single part of the CV and cover letter structure and examine examples of completed CVs and cover letters.

  • You’ll learn what your CV, LinkedIn profile and cover letters should communicate to potential employers and how best to do that.

  • You’ll learn the mistakes that people have in their CVs, LinkedIn profiles and cover letters that cause them to fail to get interviews.

  • You’ll learn how to keyword optimise your CV that is friendly for both humans and applicant tracking systems (ATSs) software.

  • You’ll learn how to write powerful achievements, which is what employers want to see in your CV more than anything else.

  • You’ll learn how to format your CV to get through applicant tracking systems (ATSs) so that someone will actually read it.

  • You’ll learn the thing that 90% of people don’t do that they should do when writing their cover letter.


Group workshop price per individual calculated depending on the number of participants.

Have you decided?

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What Our Clients Say

“More than doubled my salary!”

I had been disappointed with my job search progress and so I decided to get Crown Kaizen to redo my CV, LinkedIn and cover letters. They helped me to understand the mistakes and weaknesses in my CV and cover letters. After the amendments were made, I found the perfect position the very next month. Since then I have come back to Crown Kaizen for job interview training and two more CV updates. As a result, I have progressed rapidly in my career and have more than doubled my salary in only 4 years! This has also enabled me to get New Zealand residence and buy my first home. I’m so grateful to Crown Kaizen.

Hazel J • Chartered Accountant • Auckland, NZ

“I’m so happy and satisfied.”

I had one specific role at a prestigious organisation in mind when I approached Crown Kaizen for job interview training and CV writing. For the last couple of years, I’d been working 3-4 part-time and casual jobs. Now, I had this perfect role that I really wanted. By getting Crown Kaizen to write my CV and cover letter for that role and then coach me for job interviews, I was able to get the role which was full time and quit my other roles! I’m so happy and satisfied with Crown Kaizen’s services and recommend them to anyone looking for their dream role.

Tracey G • Moving Image Artist • Auckland, NZ

“A great experience!”

I used Crown Kaizen’s career coaching services to help me strengthen my resume and give me some job-hunting advice before I graduated from Columbia University in New York. With his career coaching services, it wasn’t long until I found a great data analysis role at a very reputable insurance company here in New York. Their advice has been a great help in strengthening my CV in all aspects. He gave me some very inspiring advice that can be applied to both the beginning of my career and to the future development of it. They are also very detail-oriented and always respond quickly to questions. It was a great experience working with them.

Nancy L • Data Analyst • New York City, U.S.A.

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