Individual or group career coaching for career transitioners, school leavers and graduates

Imagine learning common mistakes that most people make throughout their career before you even start your career journey or transition to a new career path.

Imagine avoiding the pitfalls that slows down most people’s career progression by years and costs them hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary over their career and sometimes even more than a million dollars.

The best time to invest in career coaching is before you’ve ever spent a day working. This is because, from the beginning of your career journey, you need to know how to spot your achievements as they occur and how to quantify them into meaningful metrics that can go into your CV and be brought up in job interviews.

  • You’ll learn how to avoid starting on a career path only to find five to ten years later that you regret the choices you have made.

  • You’ll learn the knowledge, skills and strategies most people fail to learn, or at best only learn ten to twenty years into their career, leaving them with a sense of regret, frustration and bitterness.
  • You’ll learn how traditional methods of job search such as applying for jobs online has a very poor return on investment and which methods are much more effective.
  • You’ll learn how to find the majority of vacancies available and that are never advertised, thereby saving you having to compete with hundreds of applicants applying online.
  • You’ll learn to build a productive network that actually prevents the need for you having to compete with the hundreds and thousands of applicants applying online for roles that you want.
  • You’ll learn what your CV, LinkedIn profile and cover letters should communicate to potential employers and how best to do that.
  • You’ll learn the mistakes that people have in their CVs, LinkedIn profiles and cover letters that cause them to fail to get interviews.
  • You’ll learn your professional communicative and behavioural strengths, weaknesses and motivations and how to apply them effectively to your CV and job interviews.
  • You’ll learn to develop a success mindset that will make you strong enough to meet the challenges that come with building a career campaign and to keep moving forward.
  • You’ll learn which beliefs you hold are holding you back and how to challenge and change your conditioned beliefs that are holding you back.
  • You’ll learn the 2 main human motivators and how to use them to achieve your career goals.
  • You’ll learn how the quality of your emotions is ultimately responsible for your success.
  • You’ll learn the ‘5 Musts’ for changing how to think in a way that leads to success.
  • You’ll learn 10 principles for courageous living.

  • You’ll learn 16 emotional channelling techniques. You’ll only need to use 2-3 daily.
  • And much more.

* Hourly rate for one-on-one career coaching: $85.00 (NZD).
* Hourly rate for group sessions and workshops will be less per individual depending on the number of participants.