Communicative and Behavioural Strengths Self Report

Talent is partially based on defining behaviour and learning to leverage it for success.

Total Talent Management

Your SELF REPORT can become an extremely valuable contribution to your total talent management. Its insights and versatility make it ideal for multiple applications before, during and off the job.

Personal Awareness and Practical Uses

In addition to understanding your personal style, your Self Report identifies ways you can apply your personal strengths and how to adjust your style to meet the needs of a specific person or environment. Social scientists refer to this adaptability as social intelligence. Much has been written on how social intelligence is as important for effectiveness as is Intelligence Quotient (IQ).

Recognise that our behaviours define how we interact with others in our environment as we approach the problems, personal interactions, activity level, and structure of our daily lives at work, home and play.

Professional and Personal Development

Develop goals for the practical use of your personal report by considering the various ways the information can be valuable. The key to successful personal and professional growth is knowledge about your inherent talents and to maximize your strengths to open the doorway to communication. This will enhance your relationships and increase your productivity; a win-win for you and all those with whom you interact. Your Self Report identifies your behavior in the following areas in a specific environment:

  • General characteristics

  • Your motivators: Ideal environment

  • Your behaviour and needs under stress

  • Communication plans: Areas for improvement

  • Adapted Style and Natural Style

  • The 12 integrated styles relationships

  • Application process

  • Identify another person’s behavioural style

  • Tension among the styles

  • How to adapt to the different behavioural styles

The best relationships come from learning how to treat others how they want to be treated.

Career Management

Use your Self Report to have a clear understanding of your communication style and behavioural strengths for writing your cover letters, CVs and other job search marketing documents. Your report provides appropriate word choices that pinpoint your strengths to showcase on your documents and even compares those strengths to national norms in the twelve areas of interpersonal skills encountered in the workplace.

Substantiating Support Material

You have the added value of a tangible report that indicates your behavioural strengths for optimum performance. This gives you a winning edge not only for your marketing materials but also for your interviewing strategy, brand, social networking and continued professional development. And you can share your report with hiring authorities or a new employer.

Help the hiring authority spot a winner. . . YOU!

  • New Employee Orientation: Pave the way to success as a new employee by communicating and leveraging your strengths from the beginning.

  • Employee Development and Performance Plans: Identify important personal development priorities that you, as a new employee, can identify to maximize your future contributions and your potential for advancement.

  • Retention Strategies for Employees: Plan for retention at your new job by recognising your unique strengths and build individual career plans with them.

  • Coaching and Mentoring Top Talent: A practical working relationship can be created for you and your new manager with excellent results.

  • Conflict Resolution: Create an objective framework for addressing behavioral conflict in the organization for you and your manager’s benefit.

  • Improved Communication: Improved communication will result from the knowledge of your behaviour and your contribution for successful change.

  • An Edge in Your Success Strategy. . . A Great Portfolio: Include relevant pages from your Self Report within your interview portfolio to boost your advantage with competitive interviewing challenges!

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