Speed Up Your Career Progression And Remove Barriers To Employment By Learning English Or Reducing Your Accent With Us.

Reduce Your Accent

An unfortunate truth is that your accent can hold you back in many types of employment. I’ve worked with hundreds of migrants and notice that there seems to be a correlation between those with strong accents and those who struggle to get job interviews. While part of this could be put down to discrimination, a major part is having trouble being understood clearly.

You don’t need to sound like a native English speaker, but you do need to be understood clearly. Reducing your accent will help you communicate your value to potential employers better, and will aid you when communicating with colleagues, customers and others.

PRICE: NZD $40 per hour

Written English

Having a strong command of written English is necessary to carry out the majority of jobs and to successfully pass your university and school courses.

We can help you improve your writing to make it read smoother and clearer.

PRICE: NZD $40 per hour

Learn Conversational And More Natural English

The way you’ve been taught English at school and university has probably laid a good foundation, but to speak naturally and confidently with native English speakers and to understand what they are saying normally, this can’t be learned from text books. It takes working with an English teacher with experience teaching non-native speakers to speak more naturally and confidently.

PRICE: NZD $40 per hour

Phone Consultation

Contact us and let us know what your English learning needs are. We can have a discussion about the best way we can help you.

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