The Process

Email me a Word version of your CV / resume

Email me a Word version of your current CV or resume and let me know what kind of role you’re looking for. If you don’t have a current resume or CV, I can send you a basic template to fill in and email back to me at

Original CV / resume inspection

Once I receive your resume / CV, I’ll look at it and contact you to let you know whether it needs work and whether I can help you or not.

Confirmation of Interest in Services and Making Payment

When you have confirmed which service you want:

a) I will email you your invoice with payment details on it.

b) If you’re in New Zealand, you can pay the invoice by bank transfer. If you’re overseas, you can pay the invoice using PayPal, Alipay or WeChat Pay.

Resume / CV

a) Once payment has been received, I will start work on your CV by first going through it tidying it up, removing unnecessary content and making notes in preparation for your appointment with us (in person or by phone). Appointments can take anywhere from 1-2 hours. During that appointment, I’ll ask you lots of questions to clarify points and draw out more work achievements, skills and strengths.

b) Once the appointment is over, I will take a few days to complete your CV and may contact you if any further points need addressing.

c) Once I’ve finished your resume, I’ll email it to you in Word format for you to look at. You can ask us any questions you want regarding it. Once you’re happy with it, we’ll move on to doing your LinkedIn.


Your LinkedIn profile takes a lot less time as it is based on your CV, though there may be some additional content added if appropriate.

Cover Letter

I’ll write one cover letter tailored to a specific job that you have emailed the link to us for. Once I’ve written the cover letter, I’ll email it to you and tell you what we did and how you should go about writing future cover letters by yourself.

Job Interview Preparation Training

If you paid for a basic interview training package, then you’ll 6 hours of job interview preparation training. It’s important to note that the 6 hours are broken up into two parts.

a) The first part is to give you feedback and make any corrections to your written answers for 15 common interview questions.

b) Once you have fully prepared those 15 answers, the time left will be used for either face-to-face or video interview practice. For example, if you’re good at preparing your answers and we don’t need to spend too much time giving you feedback and correcting your answers, then you may have only used 3 hours. That means you’ll have 3 hours left for face-to-face or video practice. If your English is of a lower level and your answers need a lot of feedback and corrections, then you may have only 1-1.5 hours left for face-to-face or video practice. It really depends on how much effort you put into your written preparation.

What my clients have to say

“I’m a Colombian Civil Engineer who arrived in Auckland, New Zealand 2 months ago. Max supported me in preparing my arrival to NZ and in my job hunt. He was very helpful and gave me great advice in terms of preparing my CV and interviews. I not only achieved my goal of landing a great job, but got the opportunity to choose from two great job offers from 2 great companies. Thanks to the commitment, kindness and availability of Max. I strongly recommend Max Bronson’s services.”

“Max is a very professional CV writer. He took time and made a lot of effort to understand my accounting and auditing experiences, then presented them as how I wanted, customized for New Zealand market. Recruiters told me I have a very good CV and LinkedIn Profile. He helped me a lot to successfully find my first professional job in New Zealand. I’m very grateful. He also has a good heart and spends a lot of time to write guidance to help more people.”

“I had a bad experience with a CV specialist based in Queen Street, Auckland. I was required to complete a questionnaire and they emailed me my new CV. I was extremely disappointed because the CV was not a true reflection of me and I had the same comments from several recruiters as well. Fortunately, I found Max through LinkedIn. Besides being a CV writer and interview trainer, he is very friendly. He emailed, texted and phoned me to get clarifications and more details in order to produce the best version of my CV. My CV was clear, organised and professional. As a result, I got several interviews and was able to secure my ideal job in less than a month after using Max’s services. In my opinion, he did much more than what I paid him for. If you are looking for Max to do CV writing, I highly recommend buying the premium job search service because getting interviews doesn’t guarantee you get the job. You will significantly increase the chances of getting a job with his job interview training. I recommend Max 100%.”

“When I was seeking some professional career advice I found Max to be very experienced in similar industries to what I have worked in. He was also highly motivated and interested to find the best outcome for me personally. Many thanks again.”

“Hi Max. Thank you for all of your effort. Your CV, LinkedIn and cover letter writing really paid off. You are so friendly, nice and helpful including telling me about job opportunities. With your help, I got many interviews and then found my new job as an accounts officer. Your service is so effective. Thank you.”