Max Bronson, who will be your CV Writer and/or Career Coach, has the following certifications.

CV Writer in Auckland, New Zealand

Our CV writer in Auckland, New Zealand will write you a powerful CV and cover letter that serves your needs and stands out to employers.

Career Coach in Auckland, New Zealand

Our career coach in Auckland, New Zealand will empower you to perform strongly in job interviews and advance much faster in your career than going it alone.

Psychometric Testing

We offer organisations and individuals a rage of assessments to help identify one’s strengths, weaknesses and motivations. We also have a great Sales IQ test for salespeople.

Offering You A More

Tailored SolutionPersonalised Service

Crown Kaizen values integrity, professionalism and personalised service above all else when it comes to looking after your career needs. We want to help you succeed and grow and will work with you to achieve your career goals. Work with us to move forward faster than you could ever do by going it alone.

What Our Clients Say

“A big thumbs up.”

“It is tough for a migrant to get their very first full-time position in their desired industry. Fortunately, I found Crown Kaizen. My rewritten CV and updated LinkedIn profile attracted a lot of attention from recruiters, which led to me landing my first role here in New Zealand. A big thumbs up to Crown Kaizen. I would recommend them a thousand times to anyone struggling in job hunting or seeking further career development.”

Joe M • Android Developer • Auckland, NZ

“As a career coach, Max is a standout in his field.”

“‘Eye-opening’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about how Crown Kaizen helped me realise the evolution of shortlisting candidates. I reached out to them to help refresh my CV and LinkedIn profile after more than 5 years of inactivity. They were very keen to assist but also explained how technology has changed the landscape and that without passing the initial test, you won’t get any further down the process. He also made it easy to identify key personal achievements which many would forget to showcase in their resume. Crown Kaizen’s work on my resume was instrumental in getting me the interview that allowed me to move up in my career and salary bracket and shift to a major international company. As a career coach, Max is a standout in his field, and I would highly recommend his services.”

Max L • National Sales Operations Manager • Auckland, NZ

“Within 6 weeks I had a new job!”

“I was finding it hard to get interview invitations with my CV. That’s when I was referred to Crown Kaizen by a recruiter who had worked with them before. I got my CV completely rewritten emphasizing my skills and strengths. I was amazed by the changes done to my CV. Within less than a month I started getting interview calls and within 6 weeks I had a new job! Thank you Crown Kaizen for all your help.”

Kavitha H • Aviation Security Officer • Wellington, NZ

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